/wɔk / (say wawk)

verb (i)
1. to go or travel on foot at a moderate pace; to proceed by steps, or by advancing the feet in turn, at a moderate pace (in bipedal locomotion, so that there is always one foot on the ground, and in quadrupedal locomotion, so that there are always two or more feet on the ground).
2. to go about or travel on foot for exercise or pleasure.
3. to go about on the earth, or appear to living persons, as a ghost.
4. (of things) to move in a manner suggestive of walking, as through repeated vibrations or the effect of alternate expansion and contraction.
5. to conduct oneself in a particular manner, or pursue a particular course of life: to walk humbly with thy God.
6. (of something presumed stolen) to disappear: my pen has walked.
7. Baseball, Softball to go to first base after the pitcher has thrown four balls (ball1 def. 5).
8. Cricket (of a person batting) to acknowledge dismissal by leaving the wicket without waiting for the umpire's decision.
9. Obsolete to be in motion or action.
verb (t)
10. to proceed through, over, or upon by walking: walking Sydney streets by night.
11. to cause to walk; lead, drive, or ride at a walk, as an animal: walking their horses towards us.
12. to force or help to walk, as a person.
13. to conduct or accompany on a walk: he walked them about the park.
14. to move (an object, as a box or a trunk) in a manner suggestive of walking, as by a rocking motion.
15. to examine, measure, etc., by traversing on foot: to walk a track.
16. the act or course of walking, or going on foot.
17. a spell of walking for exercise or pleasure: to take a walk.
18. a distance walked or to be walked, often in terms of the time required: ten minutes' walk from the station.
19. the gait or pace of a person or animal that walks.
20. manner of walking: impossible to mistake her walk.
21. Athletics a walking race.
22. a way for pedestrians at the side of a street or road; a path or pavement.
23. a place prepared or set apart for walking.
24. a path in a garden or the like.
25. a passage between rows of trees.
26. an enclosure in which poultry may run about freely.
27. sheepwalk.
28. ropewalk.
29. a plantation of coffee or other trees, as in the West Indies.
30. Baseball, Softball an instance of walking.
31. walk about, to wander as a nomad, especially of Aboriginal people.
32. walk all over someone, Colloquial to behave in a domineering and aggressive fashion towards someone.
33. walk away from,
a. to abandon (one's responsibilities): you can't just walk away from us like that.
b. to escape from without injury: the driver walked away from the wreck.
34. walk away with, to win easily.
35. walk into, to encounter unwittingly: he walked into my trap.
36. walk off,
a. to leave, walk away, often inconsiderately or under the force of some emotion: the leading lady walked off, leaving the cast stranded.
b. to get rid of by walking: to walk off a headache.
c. to quit a property, as a farm, etc., on which, as a result of economic circumstances, one can no longer make a living.
d. Aboriginal English to leave a property, mission, etc., as an act of protest.
37. walk off the job, to go on strike.
38. walk off with,
a. to remove without permission; steal.
b. to win easily, as in a competition.
39. walk on air, to be extremely pleased, excited, etc.
40. walk out,
a. to go on strike.
b. to leave in protest; leave angrily.
41. walk out on, to abandon; forsake; desert.
42. walk out with, to court, woo, or be courted or wooed by.
43. walk over,
a. (of an unopposed contestant) to go over (the course) at walking pace and thus be judged the winner.
b. to win easily.
44. walk the board, Surfing to walk along the board while riding a wave, usually as a means of controlling the board's performance.
45. walk the streets,
a. to wander about the streets, especially as a result of being homeless.
b. to be a prostitute, especially one who solicits on the streets.
46. walk the talk, Colloquial to experience at first hand the situation in which one is issuing commands and directing other people.
47. walk the walk (and talk the talk), Colloquial to behave in a manner that is in keeping with the status and responsibilities of a position.
48. walk up,
a. to ascend; go upstairs.
b. to approach on foot; draw near.
{Old English wealcan roll, toss, wander, in Middle English gaining the specific meaning of `walk, travel'}
walkable, adjective

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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